Head Chef Shigeru Kasajima

Born in Tokyo, Head Chef Shigeru Kasahima's early interest in the kitchen was sparked by baking a strawberry cake with his mother when he was a child. In his foray into the culinary work, he spent 14 years as a French chef, before honing his craft for the last 17 years as a Japanese chef. Having worked all over the world, he has held stints in Russia, the USA, Dubai and most recently in Malaysia before his first tenure in Singapore at Fat Cow, where he spearheads the restaurant's culinary direction. The omakase menu that Chef Singeru has crafted is a culmination of his years of diverse industry experience and personal inspirations. Beyond traditional Japanese cuisine that is usually expected form omakase dining, Chef Shigeru draws from his background in French cuisine, employing French influences in unexpected ways. In his skilled hands, technical flair and international influences from his colorful culinary career come together harmoniously in creations that are unique to Fat Cow. Fluent in English, guests can interact with Chef Shigeru and be immersed in the full omasake experience.