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Chef’s Table Omakase

Fat Cow offers diners an unforgettable and unique epicurean experience of their choice depending on their preferences.

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$120++ per person

Nagoyaka Dinner Menu
$250++ per Menu

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Drinks and Beverages

At heart we are a classic bar, taking inspiration from the 1800s - the time when cocktails were created. Drinks were crafted with the finest ingredients, freshest produce and treated as cutting edge epicurean delights that were respected and celebrated.

We add our love of all things Japanese into everything we do, being passionate about our methods, ingredients, techniques and approach.

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Fat Cow Specials

Here at Fat Cow, we pride ourselves on the range of spirits we stock. A few of these are extremely are, produced in limited amounts or are simply not available anymore.

We are also delighted to share Fat Cow’s Daiginjo label, crafted exclusively by Watanabe Sahei. It is brewed with the finest spring water from the snow-capped Nantai and Nyohu mountains, using Hyogo prefecture’s unparalleled Yamada Nishiki rice to produce a well-balanced sake with an aromatic note of pineapple, with underlying hints of banana, melon and peach on the nose.