FAT COW first opened its
doors in October 2011.

The word “FAT” in FAT COW stands for luxury and is also a play on the word “Fatt” which in Mandarin dialect means prosperity. Spanning slightly over 3500 sq ft, the restaurant’s design takes a contemporary approach to the Japanese “Wabi-Sabi” concept – the art of finding beauty in things modest, simple and humble.

The luxurious Japanese restaurant serves a handpicked selection of the finest Wagyu from reputable farms around the world, through customized beef experiences; where guests can enjoy their choice of beef over a variety of Japanese preparation methods - Shabu-Shabu, Sukiyaki, Hobayaki or the ever-popular Sumibiyaki (Charcoal-grill).

All things beef

The highlight of the menu remains the handpicked selection of beefy cravings with an extended selection of Japanese Wagyu that includes Ohmi Grade A4 Ribeye (from $138++, 150g) and Iwate Grade A5 Ribeye (from $148++, 150g) in addition to Saga Grade A3 Tenderloin (from $98++, 110g) and Sirloin (from $120++, 150g).

Part of the FAT COW experience should include a fun conversation with the chefs about meat, especially on parts of the cow that generally get overlooked, such as the tri-tip, rib flap, and other non-prime cuts.

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Helmed by Chef Shigeru Kasajima, the omakase dining room discerning guests. With a sleek counter that sits just eight, guests are able to witness Chef Shigeru’s skillful preparation of every dish up close, a fascinating sight to take in for an elevated Japanese dining experience. With the opportunity to interact directly with the chef, each guest gets to enjoy a highly personalised experience. The calm atmosphere of the omakase dining room also allows the artistry of the chef’s creations to shine.

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Preparation methods

Make each Fat Cow experience your very own by choosing how you would like your meat prepared. Customize your order down to the meat of your choice, weight and preparation method which include Shabu Shabu, Sukiyaki, Sumibiyaki or simply grilled over the popular choice - Sumibiyaki (charcoal-grilled).